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2001 – Delicate Furies

cover_delicatefuries release year: 2001
label: InstrumenTales Records
produced by: Bret Hart
availability: Archive.org (free download)

track list:
1) Kragro Man
2) Four Corners
3) The Low Three
4) Jomeokee
5) Wade Alone
6) System 19
7) Fidibus Canere
8) One’s Child Is Now The Gills
9) Yui’s Workout
10) It’s About Time, It’s About Space
11) The One-Man Band Takes A Stand
12) Bullwinkle Pond & the 5
13) Spiralled Riotous Felicity
14) A Miner’s Hat
15) What The Dog Said
16) (untitled)
17) Majestic Thursday
18) Small Steps
19) Nonoxen
20) Lincoln’s Head (t.o.t.s.)
21) Mrs. Murphy’s Blue


New reviews for “God in a Box” added to the Reviews page. Click HERE to go there now. In other news: We will be on the following compilations to be released early next year: The “Delicate Furies” compilation on IntrumenTales Records will feature a brand new ambient t.o.t.s. track called “Lincoln’s Head”. The “Teen Feeding Frenzie” compilation on Iregular Records will feature t.o.t.s. version of the Spice Girls song “Spice Up Your Life”. The “SpudSuckers: A Tribute to DEVO” compilation has another new track from t.o.t.s.. This time our heroes are covering DEVO’s timeless classic “Goin’ Under”.