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2001 – SpudSuckers! A Tribute To DEVO

cover_spudsuckers_02 release year: 2001
label: Facility Records, Invisible Records
cover art: Chvad SB
produced by: Chvad SB
official site
availability: Emusic, Amazon

track list:
1) DEVO Corporate Anthem
2) Goin’ Under (t.o.t.s.)
3) Uncontrollable Urge
4) Shrivel Up
5) Jocko Homo
6) Freedom of Choice
7) Be Stiff
8) S.I.B.
9) It’s Not Right
10) I’d Cry If You Died
11) Explosions
12) One Dumb Thing
13) Beautiful World
14) Jocko Homo
15) Big Mess
16) Timeout for Fun
17) Girl U Want
18) Planet Earth
19) Dis-Satisfaction
20) Shout
21) Too Much Paranoias
22) Gut Feeling
23) Disco Dancer
24) DEVO K├â┬Ârperschaftshyme


The new video for “.METTLE III.” has been completed! It will be posted soon. Look forward to seeing a number of updates as t.o.t.s. gets closer and closer to a series of upcoming shows. Locations and dates will be announced shortly. The release date of “Teen Feeding Frenzy” featuring a new t.o.t.s. track, a new version of the Spice Girl’s single “Spice Up Your Life” has been pushed to November. t.o.t.s. also have a new track on the recent Facility Records release “SpudSuckers!” called “Goin’ Under”. More info on “SpudSuckers!” in the PRODUCT section.

Until next time,
THE Thing


New reviews for “God in a Box” added to the Reviews page. Click HERE to go there now. In other news: We will be on the following compilations to be released early next year: The “Delicate Furies” compilation on IntrumenTales Records will feature a brand new ambient t.o.t.s. track called “Lincoln’s Head”. The “Teen Feeding Frenzie” compilation on Iregular Records will feature t.o.t.s. version of the Spice Girls song “Spice Up Your Life”. The “SpudSuckers: A Tribute to DEVO” compilation has another new track from t.o.t.s.. This time our heroes are covering DEVO’s timeless classic “Goin’ Under”.


Here’s a few updates in t.o.t.s. land. We here at The Facility have suffered a few crisis in the past few months but as “things” are now getting close to under control here is a list of what’s been happening and going to happen. 1) THE Thing has completed his long running work on the compilation tribute album: “F.E.S.T.E.R.: A Tribute to The Residents. 2) A new t.o.t.s. ep is in the works entitled “The Grove” with 4 brand new tracks and a possible remake of an older Recherche’ track (by popular request!). 1) “Mettle mov. IV: The Hypocrit” 2) “The Victim” 3) “They’re Exactly Alike Again” 4) “The Grove” and 5) “The Man” . A new full length album in the oven tentatively named “Herr Doktor”. THE Thing is also working on a new tribute compilation for Facility Records called, “SPUD SUCKERS: A Tribute to DEVO”. Preparations are being made for a new live show with the incredible return of “Benign The Clown”! More news to come…