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Down the Middle

Down the Middle

Part 1
I want to take you out and shit down your throat.
I want to slap your face, then buy you a brand new coat.
Sometimes I love you and always need you near,
then I wanna beat you and watch you shake with fear.

I find it so hard to explain how I feel,
often it’s difficult to find what is false and what is real.
Sometimes I wanna kiss your full red lips,
then I’ll disembowel you from your head to your hips…

Sometimes a hug with someone to share…
no… fuck it. I really don’t care.
I love you and want to hold you forever…
FUCK YOU BITCH! I want to see you? Never!

Down the Middle, just how I feel.
Gun to my head, on my knees I kneel.
I find it so hard to explain how I feel…
Often it’s difficult to find what is false and what is real.

Part 2 (from Sanctimonious)
Hand over fist, falls myth over mind
Paper-thin thoughts that enslaved human-kind
Threats that God will send your soul right to hell
To burn eternally, it’s no life, live and tell.

A sin is not a sin if what’s believed is what’s real,
But you’re already damned, there can be no appeal.
Believe in what you must, to get your life by,
Believe in what you will, you’re still gonna die.

Burning light through the chameleon of eyes,
Truth changes interpretation of lies
All shrieking out to be saved from above,
While hating each other, it’s not about love…
never more.

Remember witches burned and acquitted to die,
They didn’t know then, but now we know why.
Whatever’s different we either worship or fear,
And what we shouldn’t have, that’s what we hold dear.

The problem isn’t in the essence of time,
It remains buried deep, in our own minds.
Wordly suicide, sanction of lives.
Only satisfied in a blanket of lies.

–Chvad SB

Copyright 1994 Chvad SB. All Rights Reserved.