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Eve of Separation

Eve of Separation

Wait . . . behold manipulate.
Behind every color there’s a hue of hate
Every black, every white, every yellow colored seed
Every type of shade of shit: Always driven by greed.
Every open mouth I see a sea of shit dropping out
Lead with a reason, then the reason keeps dropping out.
Replaced with green, all the money covers well
Your own cankerous stench, you never seem to smell.

Kill for the money, kill for the money… Kill
Kill for the money, yes indeed, it’s fun time

Politically correct can strip my clothes and suck my dick
If I were a woman and not a man
You’d strip my clothes and lick my clit
Profit at the expense of others and a stench you never smell
In the rancid crotch of lovers fucking seems to profit well
When the meat’s gone bad: get your money = gender = need
Equal Rights don’t mean shit when what they care about is greed.
I can preach that you’re worthless one hundred different ways
But read my green, it’s down: you’ll continue in your daze

Kill for the money, kill for the money… Kill
Kill for the money, yes indeed, it’s fun time

Order of appearance does not dictate importance of being;
Fuck you: nigger Fuck you: whitey Fuck you: kike
Fuck you: woman Fuck you: gook Fuck you: faggot
Fuck you: slope Fuck you: dyke Fuck you: whop
Fuck you: man Fuck you: nip Fuck you :spic
Fuck you: -insert here-
We are now accepting applications…
all races, genders, and sexes welcome.

–Chvad SB

Copyright 1996 Chvad SB. All Rights Reserved.

1999 – God in a Box

cover_god in a box_02 release year: 1999
written and produced by: Chvad SB
**lyrics written and performed by: Tiphaine Czahor
*** guitars by: Raphael Hickman
label: Facility Records
cover art: Chvad SB, Elias, Tiphaine Czahor
availability: OOP

track list:
1) God in a Box
2) Wormface**
3) Mettle III
4) Atmosphere
5) Down the Middle
6) 99 Gallons of Blood
7) Ginger’s Lament
8) Hiroshima
9) Acquiesce***
10 Failsafe
11) They’re Exactly Alike
12) Distorted Thoughts, Distorted Visions
14) Eve of Separation
15) Spores, Molds and Fungus
16) Mettle mov. II

LINER NOTES: Click here to read the essay included in the liner notes of “God in a Box”.