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Flash (1994)

Review Source: Flash, May 1994
Artist: Recherche’: (pre-t.o.t.s.)
Release: Thoughts from a raped soul…
Label: Facility Records

Industrial fans, a local ear has heard your beckon for a pumping irritated rhythm. Recherche’, a Dr. Frankenstein of industrial sound, has solely created the monster Thoughts from a raped soul… The title itself is a hint of what is to come. “Insensate” is an electronically heard brain wave. The steady rhythm that thumps out the dominant footsteps of a giant is encompassed by the torment of questions, “Can you hear me? Can you feel me? Do you hate what I say? Can you love me?” The powerful vibrations rumbling underneath lyrics of radiated unemotional uncertainty make the “fantastic voyage” into the unexplained mind of a rapist and the repercussions of its victim. A rolling thought that gains speed as it hits the valleys and slows as it hits the hills is a track called “Subdued.” “Subdued” uses the soul-grabbing sound of synthesized drums to accompany the Phantom of the Opera on the pipe organ. Not really, but one cannot help but visualize any better representative of evil charm than when experiencing the song. Thoughts from a raped soul… has validity as being a rare sound in Hampton Roads. Thus the aptly named “Recherche'”.

–Robin Wilkinson