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Flesh Made Word (2000)

Review Source: Flesh Made Word (Nov. 2000)
Artist: things outside the skin
Release: God in a Box
Label: Facility Records

Erratic and often-noisy industrial which at times has a sound as crust laden and generally filthy as a Lucio Fulci soundtrack. Heavy on the analogue ambience, and shot through with dark humour, Things Outside the Skin have a really idiosyncratic feel which defies indifference. Sonically, they sometimes come from the Feinflug sort of area, in terms of their liberal use of distortion and noise to carry the sound but are extremely eclectic both with their production and their composition. God in a Box is not an easy album to listen to, and requires some work in order to get an appreciation of what is going on, but the effort is worth it. Good Album.

-Dave Dando Moore