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Lots of news:
t.o.t.s. are on several new CD’s that have either been release or soon will be. 1) t.o.t.s. new track “Another Dead Comedian” will be on Go-Kustom records new compilation “She-Devils”. Release date to be announced. 2) Another new t.o.t.s. track, “So Emotional Tao” will be on InvinKor Records new compilation called “War Against the Teenie-Boppers”. Release:TBA 3) t.o.t.s. remix a track on the new DIVERJE CD “2:40 A.M.” called “Reject”. This 2 disc release is available now on DSBP Records. 4) Chvad SB has just finished composing the score for TROMA’s latest film called “Doggie Tails”. That’s right, “Doggie Tails”. Don’t go looking for any heavy industrial goodness on this my
friends. This score is straight forward kiddie stuff. IF, however, you dig this sort of thing the DVD will be released in early Feb. 2003 in all major retail outlets! SIDE NOTE: All graphics on this release we’re also designed by Chvad SB! 5) Chvad SB is currently in the studio recording vocals for three new tracks by CEOXiME. The end result of this collaboration should prove interesting! 6) A collaboration between Bret Hart and Chvad SB is nearing completion and may rear it’s ugly head some day soon.
Largely noise-scape textures. No title as of yet…

That’s it for now… work continues on the new t.o.t.s. CD and hopefully we’ll secure spots on a few more comps this year. t.o.t.s. should be back on the road doing shows in late Dec. 2002/Early Jan. 2003.

Until next time,
things outside the skin

2002 – Go Kustom TV

cover_go-kustom_tv label: Go-Kustom Records

First Annual Hotrod-A-Rama at the Swiss Pub featuring- JR. Nelson (interview & short)
Daryl Honigbaum (interview)
DragStrip Riot – “Suspicions” (live footage)
Tim Norman of Classical Gas The Inspectors – “Play The Ponies” (music video)
PsychoCharger – “Grave Robbers From Outerspace” (music video)
Big John Bates (interview & live footage)
Sabrina RockArena of the band Cookie (interview)
Ugly Head – “Yes” (music video)
Graveyard Shift (interview and live footage)
Brent Watanabe with D.A. Sebasstian (short film / music video)

VOLUME TWO (airdate – 4/23/02 @ 9:30PM)
Rooks Car Show & Shake The Shack Rockabilly Ball Michael Soldano (interview)
J. Dennis Hicklin (interview)
Jeff Morrison (pinstriping short)
Geoff Firebaugh (interview)
Duke & Cheryl Morris (interview)
Dirty Birds @ The Crocodile Cafe (one song)
Swedish Whistler – “Notorious Liar” (music video)
Things Outside The Skin – “Liar” (music video)
Bill Wolford (interview)
Kill Switch…Klick – “Produkt” (music video)
DragStrip Riot (interview and live footage)
Stupid Robot Show (video short )
Red To Violet – “Here I Am” (music video)
Bonita Brazen (burlesque performance)
The Dead Cats (interview and live footage)

Other t.o.t.s videos aired on Go-Kustom TV:
“The Eve of Separation”: EPISODE THREE (airdate – 5/14/02@1:30AM)
“Wormface”: EPISODE THREE (airdate – 5/14/02@1:30AM)

Go-Kustom TV comes to you on cable channel 29/77 in the greater Seattle area. Each week hostess Lindsay Calkins interviews Musicians, Artists, Pin-Up Models, Hot Rod Builders & Kustom Kulture Enthusiasts . Additional interviews by Michael Ditmore, Betty X, D.A. Sebasstian & Perry Fulfs. Go-Kustom TV is produced by D.A. Sebasstian. Additional camera crew- Melene Marie Brown, Justin DuPre and Shannon Dell.