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The Rectal Probe will soon be defunct. Short lived only because a cheaper means of distribution was made available to us… “God in a Box” is now available through CDNOW, AMAZON, and an alternate version through MP3.COM. A special thanks to INTERFACE for not reviewing “God in a Box”… what’s a little exposure to us anyway? A secondary thanks to almost every online zine we sent to… You’re underground because you suck… not because you’re the alternative. You know who you are.

1999 – God in a Box

cover_god in a box_02 release year: 1999
written and produced by: Chvad SB
**lyrics written and performed by: Tiphaine Czahor
*** guitars by: Raphael Hickman
label: Facility Records
cover art: Chvad SB, Elias, Tiphaine Czahor
availability: OOP

track list:
1) God in a Box
2) Wormface**
3) Mettle III
4) Atmosphere
5) Down the Middle
6) 99 Gallons of Blood
7) Ginger’s Lament
8) Hiroshima
9) Acquiesce***
10 Failsafe
11) They’re Exactly Alike
12) Distorted Thoughts, Distorted Visions
14) Eve of Separation
15) Spores, Molds and Fungus
16) Mettle mov. II

LINER NOTES: Click here to read the essay included in the liner notes of “God in a Box”.


t.o.t.s. decided to scrap the “Filleted” EP in favor of a full-length CD, called “God in a Box”. Streaming RealAudio files have been posted for over half the songs on the SOUNDS page. Look for the remaining songs to be posted shortly. If you want a disc ($10 U.S.), email product@outside-the-skin.com. We’ve given up on the record labels for now, so this is the only place you’re going to find it. The discography page has also gotten a slight overhaul.