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Just finished 2 more remixes! This time we victimized HYPOID’s track “Deprogramming Deposits of Fat” with our “Pissing Grounds Mix”. Look for it on their forthcoming CD. We also just wrapped up one for Infinity Interrupt’s track S.E.P. with our “Kibbles ‘n Bits Mix”. Also look for it on their forthcoming CD.

That’s it for now on the remix plate. The new t.o.t.s. CD “You Knew It All Along” is finished and I’m working on the artwork for it.

Look for t.o.t.s., Sealed in Silence, and The Lucky Devil Circus Sideshow in November as we embark on the tour of the year: “The Turkey Chainsaw Massacre Tour 2003”. Throbbing beats, firebreathing psychos, insane videos… let the chaos begin!!! The official tour page is up and look for dates in a city near you!



Just finished the remix of “Todeswunsch” which is Part 2 of the now on going “Remix Wars” between Sealed in Silence and things outside the skin. This remix will be featured on BOTH the new t.o.t.s. and s!s CD’s to be released later this year along with Remix Wars Pt.1 “Mettle IV”.

Remixes of Hypoid and Infinity Interrupt will soon be completed as well.

The new UV CD, Refractions: Remixes in a Different Light features a remix by t.o.t.s. The new t.o.t.s. full length CD is done. We are now only waiting for the required art for the cover. It may be another month before we can get this done. Hopefully not any longer than that.

The show @ DEMF went extremely well and we’d like to thanks the Eclectic Productions crew for a great job and to everyone that came out to support the show.
-Chvad SB


“War Against the Teeny Boppers” has just been released on Invin-Kor and features “So Emotional Tao” (Ichiban Mix) by t.o.t.s.. See the “creation” section for more info and track list. Remixes for the new t.o.t.s. CD “You Knew It All Along” are starting to roll in and they fucking rock! As things move along a tracklist will be posted for the album with information about all of the contributing artists. t.o.t.s. are currently cranking away at remixes for “Hypoid”, “Infinity Interrupt”, “UV”, and “sealed in silence”.