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2006 – Insomnia Magazine Volume 01

cover_insomniamagazine_comp_01 release year: 2006
label: Insomnia Magazine
availability: OOP

track list:
1. Salvation (Libitina)
2. Wept – Angel Antilight remix (Avoidance of Doubt)
3. Cocaine (Teenage Casket Co.)
4. Abduction Starfleet (T3KNOPHOBIA)
5. The Day After Never (Projekt)
6. I Don’t Want (Shadowhouse)
7. Samui (Blind Before Dawn)
8. Psychopathic (Soul Haven)
9. Part VII (Phanatos)
10. Carnival Noir (Cauda Panvonis)
11. Full of Fire (The Illusion Fades)
12. Shining Alive (Kaniget)
13. War Bastard (Feverfew)
14. My Agony (NG26)
15. Burn it Down (Circus from Hell)
16. The Most Appealing Thing (things outside the skin)