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I knew how you could take
But I thought that you might feel
So I loved what you were
And that’s my own mistake
But I’ve seen under your skin
Peeled it back and crawled right in
Now I know what you are
I know what you are.

But you’re too proud to see what I have found
Would rather spend you’re time clinging to what has you bound
Love is not dirty, love is not weak
But denial is your god and you’ll sow the void you reap

I mock you and your paralyzing fear
Too afraid of me too see what might be
I refuse all blame but I’ll take all the pain
And ball it up inside and build it up with pride
And beat it black and blue with acid thoughts of you
Having all your fucking cake and eating it too

And save it for the day when I hear you say
That you made a mistake
So I can spit it back right in your face

P.O.F. sad sorry motherfucker
Prisoner of fear

–Mabon Lugh

Copyright 1999 Tiphaine Czahor. All Rights Reserved.