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Mettle III: truth

Mettle III: truth

permanence is what you rely on
another social thing to depend on
words of change bring depression
fear of change halts progression
existence rages n, behind your eyes
numbers are false, you’ve got to realize

God is forever
-none of this is true-
We are forever
-none of this is true-
Our Spawn are forever
-none of this is true-
I am forever

–Chvad SB

Copyright 1997 Chvad SB. All Rights Reserved.

2003 – Interbreeding II: Industrial Mutation

cover_interbreeding II release year: 2003
label: BLC Productions
availability: OOP

track list: Disc 01:
1. Mutate (alpha mutation mix)(Kubikzahl)
2. Prison Planet (Generated X-ed)
3. No Blind Runner (Jerico One feat. Marc Heal)
4. Spit As An Offence (Escupitajo version)(Hocico)
5. System Error (remix)(The Pain Machinery)
6. Gateway (Diskonnekted Mix)(Implant)
7. Mettle III (things outside the skin)
8. Incest (Pulse Legion Remix)(Injury)
9. Deliverance (Beta)
10. When Time Runs Out (Soul Circuit)
11. After (The God Project)
12. My Existence (Rebel Mix)(ESR)
13. Deliverance (tecnoman S.F. remix)(Diverje)
14. Angel (unreleased version)(Dioxyde)
15. Misaligned (Type001)
16. Mutation (Xiphoid Process)

Disc 02
1. Exquisite Pain (lust remix)(Stark)
2. Electronic Body Jesus (Void Kampf)
3. Dark Energy (Skoyz)
4. Forgot to be Human (Tactical Sekt)
5. Paranoid Destruction (Interbreeding II mix)(Agonoize)
6. Ease the Pain (Angel Theory)
7. K.A.D.O. (blatant mix)(Run Level Zero)
8. Only God is Meaner (Seventh Plague Remix) __ (Thessalonian Dope Gods)
9. Fifth Metacarpal (Centyl)
10. Penalty (optional mix)(Severe Illusion)
11. Shape Shifter (The Pain Machinery)
12. Why (because remix by Syrian)(More Machine than Man)
13. Hide (v1.3)(Croc Shop)
14. Try to Believe (Infekktion)
15. Zone of Hallucinations (Thirteenth Exile)
16. Cascade (Liquefaction)


The new video for “.METTLE III.” has been completed! It will be posted soon. Look forward to seeing a number of updates as t.o.t.s. gets closer and closer to a series of upcoming shows. Locations and dates will be announced shortly. The release date of “Teen Feeding Frenzy” featuring a new t.o.t.s. track, a new version of the Spice Girl’s single “Spice Up Your Life” has been pushed to November. t.o.t.s. also have a new track on the recent Facility Records release “SpudSuckers!” called “Goin’ Under”. More info on “SpudSuckers!” in the PRODUCT section.

Until next time,
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