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The new location for things outside the skin MP3 files is www.zebox.com. Links will be posted officially in our sounds section soon enough but until then just click HERE to get there. These are the same files that were on MP3.com but new ones will be added shortly as will the long promised videos for “Wormface” and “Eve of Separation”.


Here’s a quick up to date with what’s been happening. t.o.t.s. are removing most of themselves from MP3.com with the exception of a few promotional tracks. This is primarily due to their new “Big Business” style of operations and their insane prices for the product they are offering. We will post as soon as possible alternate locations for acquiring our MP3’s. In addition “God in a Box” is being re-released with new cover art and we hope to be making “Age of Pretension” available to the public again soon. We have recorded several new songs for the as of yet untitled new CD with an as of yet unestablished release date. We are currently cranking away new videos for future live performances which will be posted as soon as they are made.

Until next time,
THE Thing


The Rectal Probe will soon be defunct. Short lived only because a cheaper means of distribution was made available to us… “God in a Box” is now available through CDNOW, AMAZON, and an alternate version through MP3.COM. A special thanks to INTERFACE for not reviewing “God in a Box”… what’s a little exposure to us anyway? A secondary thanks to almost every online zine we sent to… You’re underground because you suck… not because you’re the alternative. You know who you are.