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UV “Refractions: remixes in a different light”, 2003

cover_uv refractions release year: 2003
label: BLC Productions

track list:
1. Radio Dead (original)
2. Dementia (original)
3. Skeletal (original)
4. Skeletal – deeper mix by DJ Cable
5. Dementia – TERRORFAKT mix
6. Skeletal – bat(h)s in the bellfeed mix by Text Break
7. Dementia – territorial mix by things outside the skin
8. Skeletal – decayed mix by Y-LUK-O
9. Radio Dead – TERRORFAKT mix
10. Dementia – losing my mind mix by MESSAB
11. Radio Dead – frequency || 38 mix by RELIC
12. Skeletal – mixt by nixt featuring DJ NAMELESS
13. Dementia – red shift blue mix by PTI
14. Skeletal – hEADaCHE mix
15. Radio Dead – tanks are rolling in mix by DJ CABLE
16. Dementia – Razed in Black mix edit
17) Skeletal – mix by BRUNO

2005 – Fully Automated: The hEADaCHE re:mixes

cover_headache remixes release year: 2005
label: uncoiled loops
availability: CDBaby

track list:
01. Collide – Wings of Steel
02. Hypoid – Deprograming Deposits of Fat
03. Diverje/Soul Ciruit – Stronger
04. Croc Shop – Generation
05. Silvercord – Autopilot
06. LiveSexAct – New Version of You
07. Noxious Emotion – X
08. function13 – Odor
09. things outside the skin – Mettle IV
10. Diverje – Suspision
11. Bottomfeeder – Maybe Someday
12. Endif – Ashes
13. Flood Damage – Ovoid Vovoid
14. Five Star Reject – Trainwreck
15. CEOXiME – Exit Music (for a film)


The Facility store is open again and re-stocked! New titles are now available including new compilations with t.o.t.s. and CD’s from fellow label mates! Check it out HERE!!!

In other news, t.o.t.s. just finished a remix for “Flood Damage” and we are now working on a new remix for “CEOXiME”. These along with a past remix for “Diverje” will all be posted in a new “REMIX” section of this site we are currently working on. We are also trying like obsessed madmen to get the new t.o.t.s. CD finished tentatively titled:
“The Strange Arrangement of Dr. Dann”. If all goes accordingly it will be available by the end of the summer. Until next time…