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Drowning in Odium, interview (2006)

Publication: Drowning in Odium
t.o.t.s. Interview w/ Drowning in Odium
by; Royce Icon

I got the chance to shoot the shit with Chvad from Things Outside The Skin, and here’s what was said.

Royce Icon: Describe yourself and Things Outside the Skin for those not in the know.

Chvad SB: THINGS OUTSIDE THE SKIN is a satirical audio and visual creative entity. Sometimes in greater quantities of one than the other. Snooty enough for ya’? It’s really tough for me to quantify it as anything specific and I’m not wanting to come across as pretentious when I say that. A lot of bands will say things like “we’re not industrial, we’re “electro-dark-tech-rock-pop” or “we’re not goth, we’re wacky carbonated bubble snap emo grunge” or whatever. t.o.t.s., probably to our detriment, has no real direction and that’s really my fault. I’m interested in tons of things and like most of us, have a limited amount of time at my disposal for my creative endeavors. My solution was to create a project that could embody all of these creative desires at once. I love visual arts, performance, music, etc etc I love technological and non-technological approaches to things. Most importantly, I love content. Whenever I am approaching a new subject to work on, the tools generally change. The end results are questionable. Some people like it, others don’t. Like anything I guess. Continue reading Drowning in Odium, interview (2006)