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Delusions of Adequacy (2002)

Artist: Various Artists
Release: Teen Feeding Frenzy: A Tribute to the Music Teens Love
Label: Go Kustom Records

Now here’s an idea for a compilation CD that should’ve been fleshed out long ago – get 17 diverse indie bands and have them cover an even more diverse range of teen heartthrob hits. Sure, a lot of the appeal to this Go Kustom compilation lies in the kitsch appeal, but remarkably enough, there really are some worthwhile interpretations here. …things outside the skin deliver a downright spooky techno-industrial version of the Spice Girls “Spice Up Your Life” that sounds somewhat like Ministry in the “Halloween” days. …The best stuff here is the most surprising, as bands pull pretty superb tracks from material by the Spice Girls, Davy Jones, and *NSync. Recommended, especially for pop culture whores like myself.

– Gary, 3/18/02 (paraphrased)


The new video for “.METTLE III.” has been completed! It will be posted soon. Look forward to seeing a number of updates as t.o.t.s. gets closer and closer to a series of upcoming shows. Locations and dates will be announced shortly. The release date of “Teen Feeding Frenzy” featuring a new t.o.t.s. track, a new version of the Spice Girl’s single “Spice Up Your Life” has been pushed to November. t.o.t.s. also have a new track on the recent Facility Records release “SpudSuckers!” called “Goin’ Under”. More info on “SpudSuckers!” in the PRODUCT section.

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