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The Man

The Man

The world is soiled, we’ve lost all hope.
We’re hanging ourselves, here’s the noose and rope.
We’re all that’s left, all is lost, there’s no gain.
All is gone, no smiles . . . Only Pain.

There’s no water or air left to breathe,
There are no heroes, only killers and thieves.
Food is spoiled, our minds are mold,
There’s no help, all our souls are sold.

We never listened, AIDS and greenhouse effect,
We burned our fuels and cars we wrecked.
All who live suffer, starve, and cry . . .
All the lucky ones shoot themselves and die.

The man does all that he can,
To rape his future and kill his land.
To maim the world and life with his hand . . .
The man does all that he can.

So listen fools, air’s smog, water’s sludge,
We tried to tell you but your brains wouldn’t budge.
Damnation’s over, you’ve brought Hell to Earth,
Lucky ones are those that die at birth.

–Chvad SB

Copyright 1993 Chvad SB. All Rights Reserved.