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“Doggie Tails”, original soundtrack, 2002

cover_doggie_tales_02 release date: 2002
written and performed by: Chvad SB
additional vocals by: Mary Holloway
additional guitars performed by: Barry Hensley
label: Troma Entertainment
cover art: Chvad SB
availability: OOP

track list:
1) Doggie Tails Theme
2) Fun in the Park
3) Doggie Beach Blanket Bingo
4) Doggie Dance
5) Be Brave Lucky
6) The Magical Playground


A new t.o.t.s. release of a somewhat different nature! “Control Changed”, a MIDI control change editor/randomizer developed by Chvad SB and Gradywerks is now available for download! It’s a completely free program and an essential tool for anyone involved with electronic music! Read about it and dowload it HERE.

Chvad SB is also making a guest appearance in the new TROMA film, “Tales from the Crapper” starring “Trey Parker and Julie Strain!! See below or Click HERE for more info on TFTC!!