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Love is in the air!!!! Happy Valentines Day!!! And another Art Show!!!!

Howdy Doo,

In this floppy edition of your favorite clowntastic art blog, I worked up a fancy new drawing just for Valentines Day!! It’s all about the love! I am also re-posting the teaser for my latest movie-in-progress “THE LOVE STORY”, just in case you haven’t seen it yet.

Oh, wait, if you thought that was it, you are wrong, I have created the first ever “OFFICIAL” Blight the Clown skateboard deck! It will be on display along with 40 other amazing artists creating other amazing painted skateboard decks, THURSDAY FEB. 19th from 6PM-10PM. With a special appearance by Blight the Clown himself, and hopefully some of his clown friends!!! Come by and get your very own Blight Balloon, and a Clowntastic button!!

Continued on the Blight Blog: http://blightproductions.wordpress.com/

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